Medical Consumables & Instruments

Syringes, cannulas, and needles – all sizes and types

Catheters – all sizes and types; including kits

Coils, guidewire

Medical tubing

IV sets, bags, and armboards


Medical scissors


Single-use medical procedure trays and kits

Reflex hammers

Blood lancets

Ear plugs and muffs

Otology sponges

Ear syringes

Ear wax removers

Clinical swabs, applicators, specimen collectors, sponges, pads, tongue depressors, wooden spoons, cotton balls, cotton rolls

Antiseptic wipes for human use

Human specimen collectors and containers (e.g., urine, blood, tissue)

Medical bandages, gauze, dressings, tape, swabs, sponges, and burn dressings

Surgical sutures and staples; and removal kits


Clinical basins, bowls, baths, pans, urinals, bags, and buckets; and holding devices for such items

Medical carafes, cups, containers and tumblers

Medicine cups

Syringe aspirators

Medical bags for medical supplies and equipment; including pre-packed bags


Medical labels, labellers, stickers, forms, charts, signage, tags, cards, tape, wrist bands, documents, brochures, and graphics

Medical linens (e.g., blankets, sheets, pillow cases, towels, washcloths, drapes, covers)

Jars and containers

Human body or cadaver bags and shrouds

Bottles (prescription)

Anaesthesia circuits

Anaesthesia masks

Block and epidural trays

Endotracheal tubes

In-line filters and cartridges

Intubation sets, probes and related equipment

Oral airways

Medical gowns, scrubs, aprons, uniforms, lab coats, and coveralls; only those without integrated hoods

Head or beard covers and Medical shoe covers

Surgical sleeve protectors

Ventilated Safety eyeshields

Disposable latex, nitrile, polyethylene, vinyl gloves

Surgical face or dust masks


Pouches, urostomy

Bladder control pads, briefs, liners, underwear, pants and diapers

hygiene products

Fecal/stool management devices, kits, and catheters

Enema sets

Umbilical cord clamps

Contact Lens cleaning solutions



Surgical instruments – all types and sizes

Surgical instrument cases, trays, mats or tray liners, racks, covers, wraps, stands, holders, stringers, or protectors

Surgical linens, drapes, or covers

Chest drains

Surgical case carts

Surgical clean-up kits

Wound drainage equipment

Surgical mesh