Medical Equipment & Furniture

Medical Equipment and Supplies

Endoscopic devices including laryngoscopes, laparoscopes, anascopes, proctoscopes, arthroscopes, sinuscopes, dematoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, sigmoidscopes, otoscopes, retinoscopes.

Blood pressure monitors, gauges, cuffs, aneroids

Monitor for glucose management

Medical penlights


Medical diagnostic kits

Canes, crutches, walkers, rollators

Patient wheelchairs, chairs, gurneys, stretchers, mats, and cots

Patient transfer chairs, lifts, benches, boards, slides, discs, slings, and sheets

Safety poles, rails, handles, benches, grab bars, commode aids, and shower aids

Patient vital-sign monitoring devices

Limb prosthesis devices


Orthopedic supports, braces, wraps, shoes, boots, or pads

Medical casts, padding; and casting and removal equipment

Orthopedic traction devices and tables

Human body positioners including pads, wedges, cradles, pillows, rests, straps, supports, and holders

Thermometers for measuring human body temperature

patient medical record file systems and organizers

Beds: hospital beds, cribs, or bassinets; including mattresses, overlays, pillows

Chairs: exam, treatment, surgical, dental, or phlebotomy

Stools: designed for clinical use

Stands: IV, instrument, solution, or hamper

Carts: medical, medical utility, medical supply, food service, and hospital laundry carts

Tables: operating, exam, therapy, overbed, treatment, medical utility, or medical instrument

Cabinets: medical supply or pharmaceutical

Privacy screens and curtains

Floor mats: safety, anti-fatigue or special-purpose medical floor mats

Hydrocollator heating units

Warmers: bottle, gel, lotion, or blanket

Patient heating and cooling devices: pads, packs, bottles, bags, warmers, blankets, patches, lamps, bags

Paraffin baths

Lights and lamps: surgical, or medical exam, magnifying

Scales, stadiometers, rulers, sticks, tapes, protractors, volumeters, gauges, or calipers

Patient safety devices including vests, aprons, finger mitts, limb or body holders, jackets, belts, restraints, cuffs, straps, or protectors


CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) systems

Medical Flowmeters, oxygen & air


Manikin, medical training, CPR

Medical Pumps

Ventilator, adult and tubing and accessories

Oxygen apparatus

Pulse oximeter

Medical Refrigerator


Tents, pediatric, aerosol, & mist Anaesthesiology

Peripheral nerve stimulators

Electrocardiography Machines

Cardiac monitors, implantable or external

Cardiopulmonary oxygenation systems, devices, and monitors

Coagulation machines

Inflation devices, interventional


Laboratory balances and scales

Patient blood gas analyzers

Medical specimen centrifuges

Automated clinical chemistry analyzers

Coagulation analyzers

haemoglobin analyzer

Medical bone densitometers

Medical differential counters

Bench-top dry bath incubators

Electrolyte analyzers

Hematology analyzers

Histology and cytology strainers

Laboratory hot plates

Clinical immunoassay analyzers

Laboratory pH meter

Automated blood culture systems

Microplate readers/washers

Light microscopes



Medical refrigerators and freezers with less than 5.0 cu. ft. internal volume

Spectrophotometers, photometers, and colorimeters designed for clinical use

Urinalysis analyzers

Clinical laboratory water baths

Neonatal equipment

Neonatal equipment (phototherapy, nasal CPAP, etc)

Incubator /Isolette

Ventilator, infant/pediatric and tubing and accessories

Infant Radiant Warmer and parts and accessories Ophthalmology and Optometry


Bath cubes, therapy

Orthopedic shoes

Parallel bars

Exercise bars

Hand bars

Mat Platforms

Exercise table

Medical Whirlpools

Mobility platforms, parallel bars, ladders, stairs

Balance pads, platforms, and beams

Cognitive measuring devices and equipment

Manipulation boards

Dining aids

Hydraulic dynamometer

Fine motor assessment equipment designed for human use

Tactile sensation, sensitization, and desensitization equipment

Rehabilitation exercise, weights, band, balls, boards, and mobility equipment

Therapeutic putty

Aquatic floats and training devices

Protective headgear

Electrotherapy, muscle stimulators, and tens units

Ultrasound stimulators

Massaging equipment Radiology

Infection Control Solutions

Autoclaves for medical instrument sterilization and accessories

Medical/dental film Sterilization

Aseptic, germicidal, or disinfectant wipes

Aseptic, germicidal, or medical-grade soap, detergent

Hand sanitizer, lotion, soap, scrub, wash, gel, or foam; including dispensing devices

Medical cleaning brushes for equipment, patients, and furniture

Sterilization or disinfection indicator strips, tape, or test packs

Medical instrument sterilization pouches, mats, protector guards, or tubing

Sterilization containers

Autoclaves with chamber

Other equipment

X-ray machines

Medical ultrasound machines

Medical defibrillators